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سؤال: What mode is it on?

السؤال بواسطة Bob.Ward. على 2023-11-27 10:01:37

Laurie It is mode 2, but since it is only two channel, even a mode 1 flyer like myself can fly it easily. Also, if you have a multi protocol radio, the protocol is supported, so now I fly mine in mode 1 with my transmitter. It is a much better experience flying it with a multi protocol radio, but it is quite acceptable with the supplied transmitter.

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سؤال: How about putting this in the Australian warehouse? I think it would be very popular.

السؤال بواسطة Laurie على 2019-04-01 04:56:27


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Peter W Incorrect, the transmitter is different between the two versions. You can change the mode, but it will default back when you turn it off. So if you are a Mode 2 flyer you really are better off getting the Mode 2 version, otherwise you'll forget to change the mode one day and crash.

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Laurie 14/06/2023
This cable has exceeded my expectations. I always buy braided cables now, because the non-braided ones have often broken on me, but the braided ones never. What really sets it apart though is that it can charge more than one device at once. I have had it charging my iPhone using the Lightning connector, and a powerbank using the micro USB connector, both at the same time. I monitored the output using a USB port monitor, and by connecting each device separately, then both together, I could see that it was working perfectly, with about 1/3 of the current going to the phone and 2/3 to the powerbank. I do not have any devices that charge using the USB C port, but I do have a charger that can charge several 1S lipo batteries at once, and can take input from a USB C port, so I connected that up to see what would happen. I found that if I connected it up with no battery in any of the charging ports, it would power up the charger, but if I put a battery in one of the ports it would shut down after a few seconds. However, if I put a couple of batteries in the charger ports BEFORE connecting the cable to the USB A port on my computer, it would work normally. I think what happens here is that because it is a smart cable, it interprets a sudden greatly increased demand on the USB C output as an abnormality and shuts the output down as a safety measure. So I think it's a very good buy, at an amazingly low price for such a sophisticated item. However, buyers should note it is a charging cable and cannot be used for data, and that the maximum current it can deliver out of the USB A port is 2A. It's actually sometimes an advantage to have a cable that will charge only, as it means there is no data security risk if you connect it to a public USB port.
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