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BoetieJan 10/01/2020
Awesome car for the price- drives a lot like thunder tiger eb4 s3. Shock is awesome and has little hole in top-cap like Traxxas for excess oil to push out when Changing shock oil. Also has n crub screw in the differential to refil diff oil. Bad side is that diff cupps and gears attached to the cups can not be removed (it is pressed not held with C-clip or grub)- and the main gear of the diff can not be removed from cup and smaller gear holding it in place- so bad side is of any gear (except the 4 tinny gears) would strip or if a cup would wear out, you would have to order a whole new differential.. Rims is real bad quality- it is hollow at the back so fill it up with an epoxy to make stronger or with like Q-bond. The pinion is 13t but not same metal as spur so won't last- I changed mine with M1 13t pinion. My body got "melted" on the way to me- got into extreme heat along the way and it warped the whole body. Other downside is that is doens not come with 120a as shown- comes with weaker 80a and the car does feel slow for it's size- I would suggest ordering a 120a racerstsr ESC extra and you can even replace stock motor with 2600kv 4068size racerstar motor as well for nice speed. I changed out my servo strait away so can't comment on that? And there was 4 screws that was glued with lock tight that was not meant to be glued that really caused a lot of trouble for me- so make sure you have a 100% solid "Ellen key" set. There also few places In had to add watchers to remove play on parts that seemed to loose but don't know how to explain all of it. Rest of the RC is really nice, and it seems really strong.
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سؤال: will the esc come already programed to default settings?

السؤال بواسطة BG131315480 على 2021-03-29 10:10:31

BoetieJan Yes

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BoetieJan Have learned that this Esc is NOT waterproof. Gives problems and lots of problems as soon as even a drop gets in the esc. It does work after drying 100% again, but becomes really annoying. Found that the Surpass esc\'s are WAYYY better. The 120A and 150A are monsters. Best esc\'s EVER.

BoetieJan 10/01/2020
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سؤال: Is this servo suitable for an aircraft, and how many teeth does it have?

السؤال بواسطة cesareomatteo على 2020-12-27 01:35:28

BoetieJan Idon't know much about aircraft, so don't know if you need a fast servo? This servo is not fast, but it is really strong. Sorry i cant remember how many teeth? I think it is 25, but remember there was one servo I had to order 24 for, not sure if it was for this one.

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سؤال: What cind of controller do I need

السؤال بواسطة BG918431010 على 2020-11-23 09:34:14

BoetieJan Youcan use the orlandoo Original Controller

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BoetieJan Dependswhat speed you like. I would say it can definitely handle 4S easily, but 6s might be to hardcore for it. I did jam on 6s 2 times, but I think the Gears won't hold up for to long. But this thing's gears are surprisingly strong.

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