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Scott 14/11/2020
I am impressed with the quality and appearance. These are the best looking telescopic rods I have seen. These rods are thin and surprisingly light and stiff for their thickness. They feel more like my fly rods and less like my bait or lure casting rod with their diameter and stiffness. We will have to see how long they last. They are going to be great backpacking rods for trout fishing. I found that with the same set up on this design I can cast almost as fat with the 1.8 meter pole as with the 2.4 meter pole which surprised me. I'm going to put 2000 smaller reels on the shorter poles to keep the weight down. They have one less eyelet than is shown in the pictures with the 1.8 meter rod only having 3 line guides. and the 2.1 only having 4 with the bottom line guide location having a metal retaining ring without an eyelet. This leaves a gap 23" or 48 cm from the reel to the first eyelet. This rod collapses so much that the first line guide would have been only 10" from the reel if they had put one on the first extension. Most of the rods we have used are 14 to 18" to the first line guide. This may result in some line slap in casting but we will have to see if it makes a difference. The space may help to smooth out some of the larger open face reel vibration because the distance will help the line to keep coming from the same direction. An important feature which doesn't come on many poles is that the base of the rod below the reel can be unscrewed and extended out. I have a couple of other rods that do this and found that when I am finishing I keep that extension under my arm which stabilizes the rod while I am reeling and takes some stress off the wrist holding the pole and reel and increases the sensitivity of the strike. This extension also changed the way I cast because I can put two hands on the pole for a more baseball bat type grip and swing. This extension also helps to keep the reel up off the ground and cleaner when shore fishing.
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