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  • December-10 2017 10:40:54

    This is not an ESD mat at all. Its a simple green mat looked alike an ESD mat. Please see the attached image for proof. The surface is not conductive.And there is no grounding point.Its a big hoax.

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  • March-26 2019 07:02:37

    Feels that the quality it on Top 💪👌

  • November-05 2017 06:58:02

    A must have to protect your items from ESD damage while working.

  • derec
    January-19 2016 14:58:11

    The product is good, but is not properly packed. It was folded incorrectly. It must be folded like pictures, and because of it, the product is broken.

  • February-27 2020 13:55:47

    Good thickness. However, it is shipped folded in two instead of rolled up. So you will need to lay it flat for a long while to get the fold out!!

  • November-08 2020 14:00:36

    Not to bad.

  • April-20 2020 03:31:04

    could be somewhat bigger, but good mat overall

  • October-14 2015 14:46:21

    This mat is fairly small, but large enough for a small electronics project. The material is not amazing, but it's good for the price. It smells very strongly of cheap rubber. It was also folded when it was posted,and it took more than a month to smooth out. A ground lead to attach a anti-static wristband would be useful too, but it can be added by the user.

  • July-13 2015 08:48:37

    I usually do small assemblies and fixings of small parts in my computer desk, so it's getting all scratched... I bought this mat and it fits perfectly in my desk, under my keyboard. When I want to work, I just set the keyboard aside and use the mat. It's soft and the anti-static gives me confidence with electronic part. The price could be better though.

  • May-08 2017 16:23:42

    This is a very nice ESD mat and it was shipped very quickly. Its thick and dense material and gives a nice surface to work on and cleans up very easily. The bottom is a bit stickier and holds the table well to prevent slipping. Highly recommended for small or general electronics repair or building. Excellent value for the money!


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