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Nicholas Brus 2018-02-27 07:58:56
This meter is amazingly small yet has an excellent specification. It will fit in a shirt pocket. I like it a lot. It comes supplied with a good selection of leads and connectors together with a case. There is a small user guide included, but no contact address in case of support or warranty. My meter did not come in a box, but arrived in a padded envelope with the meter and leads packed in the supplied nylon case. The nylon case that came with my meter had the carry strap sewn to the inside of the case instead of the outside (quality issue) so banggood are refunding me some points to use on my next purchase (they didn't offer to send a replacement case). The only thing that could be improved on this meter to make it perfect would be to add an anti-reflective coating to the front of the display as it reflects a lot making it difficult to read in bright light. Also, add some rubber feet/pads instead of the hard plastic moulded feet to stop the meter from sliding around as it is so small and light. Finally, modify the fold out support stand so that it clicks into position when unfolded so that it doesn't close accidentally. A better case would also be nice even if I have to pay a little more for it. Still worth five stars as it is a fantastic meter at an unbelievably low price. Please note that as others have pointed out this is a hobbyist meter so if you are a professional and want proper input protection and higher accuracy, then invest in a fluke, but everyone else should get this. I might even order a second one :=).
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