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  • January-28 2020 08:48:03

    nice product.... a little bit bigger then a photo...

  • November-11 2019 05:05:31

    it works as expected. bulkier than expected, not much feasible to carry it in the keychain or pocket but the charger itself is quite good in shape.

  • November-25 2020 12:52:42

    A bit mixed - it does work, and charges my watch, but not to the level claimed. With my Series 2 watch, it was only giving maybe half a charge. But if you're away from a charger for an extra day, that's probably enough. And if it runs out, you can charge this thing up again quite quickly from a power bank, so just charge again. Seems to charge itself while charging the watch if you plug it in with the watch connected, too, so you can just use it as a pocketable charger from any Micro-USB cable, which

  • February-09 2020 20:59:46

    A nice little item. Arrived quickly. I thought there would be a built-in USB A male port to plug directly. Instead the unit come supplied with a micro USB cable. It takes about two hours to completely recharge the charger. When charging my watch it drops from four cells to one quite quickly, but then stays at one all the while my watches charged to max capacity, for the record it is a 44 mm series 5 watch. This allows me to charge the watch on the train on my way to work in the morning. I have taken

  • November-16 2020 11:39:21

    muito bom produto, gostei demais.

  • September-18 2020 07:54:58

    works fine with Apple Watch 4

  • September-17 2020 11:20:31

    Good quality Product, highly recomend it.

  • July-25 2020 09:14:04


  • April-22 2020 15:07:29

    nice item

  • January-06 2020 15:13:24



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